JACOB- a supplanter/deceiver- one who dispossesses or takes the place of, by dishonour or treacherous means-the Flesh.
GENESIS 27:1-36, (Vs.12,36,40).
GENESIS 37:7 – 12, living in fear when going home
GENESIS 3:1-5, the original supplanter- Satan took their birthright.
(1Corin.15:22, 42-49, 50-55;Eph.2:1-5).Sooner or later we have to struggle with God if we are is people,
(Rev.17:14;13:18Heb.9:15Eph.1:4)- when we prevail God gives us a new name-(Rev.2:17;3:12).-
ISRAEL- (Gen.32:28) for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed
(Vs.24-30). Born again and living in the Spirit (1Corin.15:22,42-55). Eph.3:16-21; Col.3:1-4.
Then we become sons of God (Jn.1:12) by the spirit of adoption (Rom.8:15-17) Eph.3:9; Eph.2:11-13,18,19).
We are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise (Eph.1:13) in our foreheads (Ezek.9:4; Rev.14:1; Rev.22:4) with God’s name.
REV.7:3 (144,000=12 patriarchs x 12 Apostle-12×12=144×103 -ordinal completeness in the Godhead) (1000) (Eph.3:19).144, 000 symbolic of the body of Christ).
AS SONS WE ARE (Gen.29:31-30:24; 35:18.)-
SIMEON = God HEARD our cry.
LEVI = JOINEd to God (1Peter 2:9-a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD-Rev.1:6).
JUDAH = PRAISE God (Psalm 149;150)
DAN = JUDGED(Jesus Paid the penalty-he became the payment).our new name-Rev.7:6-MANASSES-FORGETTING the past (Gen.41:50:Heb.10:17) and EPHRAIM-FRUITFUL-GEN.41:52).
NAPHTALI = WRESTLED with God over our sins.
GAD = A TROOP OR COMPANY (2Tim.2:3- soldier for Christ-Eph.6:10-17)
ASHER = We are HAPPY in the Lord because we are born again.
ISSACHAR = God gives us our HIRE (Matt.10:10; 6:33)
ZEBULUN = We are his DWELLING PLACE (Jn.14:23)
JOSEPH = ADDING-we are ADDED to God’s kingdom when born again.(Rom.8:29; Acts 2:41:2:47;5:14;11:24).
BENJAMIN = BY THE FATHER’S RIGHT HAND-Eph.2:6:1:20: Isaiah 48:9-13.
Romans 2:17-29- a true Jew. Rev.2:9;3;9. If not born again then not a true Jew- Matt.3:9.
There is no more claim for natural Israel or the natural Jew.
Matt.3:9,10;Matt.23:37-39 Lk.19:41-44 Lk.21:24-25: jn.8:39-44; Jer.12:17;Jn.2:19-21:Amos 9:8-10; Isaiah 65 (Natural Israel to be destroyed).Jer.18:6-10 and Rom.9:21-26.
a true jew
Matt.23:39 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord- true unity. Pray for natural Jews to be born again same as anyone else.2Timothy 2:7.. consider what I say; may God give you understanding.Lk.21:44(think about it-Dan.9:27).Jn.8:47. Cannot hear because not chosen.Jn.10:26. Cannot believe because not chosen.2Peter 1:20,21. No scripture is of private interpretation. Acts 17:11…search the scriptures daily…Isaiah 34:16. Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read; no-one of these shall fail.

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