17 = Perfection of Spiritual Order.
X9 =Finality (The resurrection in Jesus Christ)
153 = The Completed Church (Christ’s Elect)
John 21:11
FISH = (Greek) ICHTHUES (numeric value of letters – 1224 (153×8)
THE NET = (Greek) TO DIKTUON (dito) = 1224 (153×8)
8 = New Beginning in Christ (Resurrected Life)
1224 = The Completed Church in the Resurrection.

John 21:6 There were a multitude of fish (verse 11) but the net was not broken and none were lost
(John 17:12).

17 is the number of the church. If we put down all the numbers from 1 to 17 and add them up we get 153: and 153 words are used in telling the story.

In the Hebrew alphabet and in the Greek alphabet all letters have a numerical value. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek.

If we put out the GOSPEL NET where God tells us to ‘FISH’, there will always be a catch and we will see it when Jesus says ‘COME AND DINE’; that is to say ‘Harvest Time’. John 21:12 – The Marriage Supper.

Harald Shepherd
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Sagbayan, Bohol

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