Many people are deceived by the greatest lie on earth. End time doctrine or interpretation.

Religion teaches there will be a rapture, then a seven year tribulation period during which time a third temple will be built and sacrifices will be reintroduced. They say the antichrist will make a peace treaty with Israel for seven years and break it in three and a half years. They teach that Jesus will come back at the end of the seven year period and rule for a thousand years. They teach that a super ‘church’ will rise up during this seven year period and the preachers will cause everyone to take ‘a mark’ in their right hand or forehead. They teach that during this time there will be no Holy Spirit on the earth, and yet they also teach there will be ‘Tribulation Believers’. That is already a contradiction. Without the convicting power of the Holy Spirit it cannot be. We are taught that at the end of the thousand years Satan will be loosed for a short time to deceive the nations one more time then will come the final end.. sometime around 3000 plus AD???!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST LIE.

This lie is perpetrated by a wicked and perverse generation controlled by Satan and accepted by most people in all religions in one form or another due to a lack of knowledge of the Word of God, and has been around for about 250 years. This Judaic/Masonic doctrine lays the basis for Jewish rule over all the peoples of the earth. People like Clarence Larkin and C.I.Scofield have pushed this doctrine for around two hundred years through their writings on behalf of their masters, the Rothschilds clan and others of the Jewish elite. Much scripture is twisted to come up with these interpretations in this way.

1 Corinthians 2:13,14. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned

John 3:3. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, accept a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (no spiritual understanding).

John 3:5. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Unless one washes one’s soul in the water of the word (Ephesians 5:26) and is filled with the Spirit of God (Ephesians 5:18) – that is- born again- one cannot get into the kingdom of God or have understanding of the word of God.
The bible teaches we will be caught up when Jesus returns if we are born again. We shall meet him in the clouds. Every eye shall see him. You can be sure that means worldwide. Our bodies shall be changed. We shall be with him evermore. We will have a new heaven and a new earth at this time and judgement comes upon the wicked. Read 1Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:50-54; you will notice it is at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound… There can only be ONE last trumpet – Revelation 11:15-19. Revelation 10:6-7 tells us it is at the end of the world…’that there should be time no longer’. That’s it folks, ‘goodnight nurse’, coming soon. John was told in Revelation 10:8-11 that the ‘everlasting gospel’(Rev.14) is preached till the end of the world. Jesus said all who are born again would be taken up ‘ at the last day’ (John 6:39,40,44,54. Read from 35-66).

Read my paper “The Last Day-No Next Day-None Left Behind” at
In Jesus (when he first came) is fulfilled all the law of Moses, and the prophets, and in the Psalms, concerning him (Luke 24:44. Pray that God will give you understanding, V.45).

Jesus at the cross fulfilled Daniel 9:24-27. See Isaiah 53:10-12 and Matthew 26:28. He finished the transgression (Micah 7:18-19; Romans 4:13-15; Romans 5:19. He made an end of sins (Hebrew 1:3; 7:27). He made reconciliation for iniquity (2Corin.5:18-19).He brought in everlasting righteousness (John 5:24-25; Daniel 7:13-14; Revelation 12:9-12).He sealed up the vision and prophecy(Ephesians 1:13; John 6:27). He is the anointed most Holy (Matthew 3:16-17; Isaiah 11:2; Isaiah 42:1; Luke 3:22; John 1:32) He came to build and restore Jerusalem- his chosen people from among the Jews and Gentiles- not an earthly city or nation(Jn18:36) The streets and the wall are pointing to God’s people (Revelation21:17,21).

Daniel 9:25 says there were seven weeks and sixty-two weeks = sixty-nine weeks. Daniel 9:26 says Jesus was cut off after the sixty two weeks – so after the total period of sixty-nine weeks- that is to say, during the seventieth week. God’s clock did not suddenly stop. Jesus came at the beginning of the seventieth week and preached for three and a half years and made a new testament – covenant – with many (Matt.26:28; Dan.9:27) and in the midst of the week he was crucified – cut off – and put an end to sacrifices and oblations by the sacrifice of himself. Daniel 9:26 tells us that the Romans came and destroyed the physical city and temple of Jerusalem, and for the overspreading of abominations it will remain desolate even unto the end.

Then the wrath of God will come upon it (1Thessalonoains 2:14-16), until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled (when sin has come to the full) Luke21:24, and it will be the end of the world. We have a spiritual battle for your souls. This battle in the spiritual realm is getting worse and worse and is manifested in the world through all the religions (2Timothy3:13) till the last man is saved.

Jesus bound Satan a thousand years when he first came. That is why he cast out demons from people (read Matthew 12:25-29), also Mark 1:27. We see this is a new doctrine. Devils were not cast out during the time of the old testament. Jesus gave all born again Christians authority over all the power of Satan and his demons (Luke 10:18-19). Satan is bound. He has power over those who don’t believe God, but he is limited, restricted, when it comes to true believers of the living God. At this point I ask you to read verses 21 and 22. One cannot understand all this except God has revealed it to one through the hearing of the word. Jesus is the Word.

Jesus was crucified at the end of the world. Hebrew 9:26b.’…but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.’ , and until he comes back there will be deception, wars, rumours of wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines, pestilence earthquakes in diverse places (Matthew 24)

The grand finale is great spiritual deception in the last days just before the end of the world. My O My! How people cried out for Obama when he came onto the scene out of no-where. The Hero, The Saviour of the world, and other blasphemous adulations from hundreds of thousands of screaming fans. I haven’t seen this type of thing since the Beatles in 1964. Tears streaming down peoples faces, Telling. Screaming. Just wanting to touch him. Well, you have ushered in the chief servant of the antichrist. Obama is here to do that which his antichrist masters have chosen him for.

We will soon have the ‘birth’ of the new heaven and the new earth. Read Matthew 24 with Luke 21 and Mark 13 all together. We know it is a time of spiritual trouble. It is more fully explained in Matt.24:21-26 and Mark 13:12-23. People everywhere want you to join a religion of some sort. Jesus put an end to oblations (religious service) Dan.9:27. We worship in spirit and in truth(John 6:23-24) being born again, filled with the spirit of God, and walk, talk, and live the word of God daily. Not doing our own ways, not finding our own pleasure, nor speaking our own words, and we honour him, the true Sabbath, Jesus Christ, in whom is our rest(Isaiah 58:13).

The feast of the Passover is for seven days. There is to be no leaven in the bread. We who are born again are expected to ‘sin no more’, from the time Jesus began preaching ‘Repent, The kingdom of heaven is near you’ till the last man is savedby the blood of the Lamb.

The feast of Tabernacles is also for seven days. The period of ingathering of the harvest. Jesus started the ingathering. We live in booths (temporary accommodation) Leviticus 23:39-42. On the eighth day is the solemn assembly (Numbers 29:35) when we are taken up to meet the Lord in the clouds in the air. Haleluyah. Amen!!!!

Remember Genesis 7:2-4. Noah, bring in all the ‘beasts’ . There are seven days yet and it will rain judgement. Noah is a type of Jesus Christ. Noah had only One door. Jesus is the door. He came to bring in his chosen beasts, thoses who were lost and he was saving from their sins. He had seven days left, the seventieth week. He preached a literal three and a half years. The blood was on his head. The blood was on his sides (Exodus 12:7). He is the Passover Lamb STILL. We are still in the Passover feast, or no one could be saved. We are still in the ingathering, or no one could be saved. The gospel is preached continually, or no one could be saved. Faith cometh by HEARING, (Romans 10:13-17). All that the feasts represented was about Jesus when he came the first time. Remember Hebrew 10:7? He came to do God’s will that was written in the volume of a book(the old testament).

He came at the beginning of the seventieth week and gathered his people unto himself from among the Jews and Gentiles. After three and a half years he sealed his covenant with many in the upper room in his own blood and put an end to sacrifice and religious service forever (Hebrew 10:14). There can never be a return to sacrifice, ever. From the death of Jesus on the cross in the flesh there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour(Rev.8:1). Jesus appeared in the presence of God for us(Heb.9:24;Dan.7:13-14; Rev.12:7-10). Then he appeared to his disciples and over five hundred witness chosen of God(all his believers) but there was no preaching of the gospel and unbelievers never saw him again (read John 14:19-23). On the fiftieth day (Levitcus 25:10), the Holy Spirit came down to all the believers and through Peter the four gospel doors were unlocked and opened Acts 1:8;2:14; Matt.16:19). The preaching continues till the last man is saved, a spiritual three and a half years. There is complete continuity in the word of God and in the things of God. ! Corinthians 15:45-47 tells us first came the natural in Adam, then came the spiritual In Christ Jesus, the second Adam. We are still living the Passover feast. We are still living the ingathering feast, Feast of Tabernacles; we are God’s dwelling place when we become saved. Our life on this earth is temporary indeed.

Friends, the seventieth week is almost over.

The end time doctrine taught by all religions comes from the camp of the Rothschilds and other elite Jews more than two hundred years ago. These doctrines were not known even in the days of Martin Luther, or all those before him. The purpose of these doctrines is to perpetuate the myth that the Jews in the middle east will rule the world. The only Jews are the true people of God, The called, chosen, elect, and faithful, redeemed from among men, from every nation tribe kindred and tongue. No-one is going to be able to claim a birth certificate as a point of reference. Even Paul said not all all are Israel that are from Israel. See my paper , ‘THE TRUE JEW – THE ELECT OF GOD’ at .

All T.V. preachers at TBN and other channels are part of the ‘ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/RELIGION/NEW WORLD ORDER’ since September,2000 when they all signed the I.C.C.P.R. (International covenant of civil and personal rights), and the U.R.I. bill (united religions initiative) at the New York 2000 Millennium Summit between the 6th and 11th of September,2000.

One year later they sealed this covenant with a horrendous sacrifice when they criminally destroyed the lives of thousands of people in the Twin Towers destruction (read Genesis 15:8-21). President G.W.Bush, on behalf of his masters, stood on the heap and ‘passed between the flesh’, thereby sealing the covenant. The people of America were told eleven days later, to put out all the lights and light up one candle outside to be seen of the astronauts so they might have some sought of spiritual empathy. An act of gross witchcraft in which the deceived people of the nation participated en mass, in doing so, giving greater power to the leaders. This was really a declaration that the new world order had indeed taken over America and the world. All governments and religions are part of this system or they will be destroyed or shut down.

When Jesus was born God offered ‘…on earth peace, goodwill toward men’; and this continued till the cross. From Pentecost peace was taken from the earth, and God’s people suffered severe persecution until this day and it continues with wars and persecution till the last day.

The sixth seal starts with the gospel going out (the white horse), and Satan following where ever the gospel went, trying to destroy the message and those that might receive it (the red horse). Wars were ever increasing, causing food shortages anf price increases all the time (the black horse), and the rich became richer. Because of wars and famine, sickness, deseases, and death follow (the pale horse). Today thousands of millions world wide are effected by famine, sickness, and desease; only you don’t hear about it. Thousands die every minute(the pale Horse). All this because people do not come to Jesus, They do not come to the feast of tabernacles from year to year since Pentecost till now (Hebrew 12:22; Zech.14:16-19).

The seven trumpets are concurrent with the seals. They represent things happening from Pentecost till now from a spiritual or heavenly perspective. We must look for spiritual understanding. For the first three hundred years or so there was great persecution of Christians. Around 313AD ‘christianity’ was legalized (??!!?) and Constantine ‘christianized’ the pagan Babylonian sun-worshipping religion and called it catholic- but it was still filthy paganism on the inside. This was Satans ploy to deceive weaker Christians and cause them to lose their soul. The Edict of Milan allowed for ‘christian temples’ to be built anywhere over the next fifty years. Christians who joined this system were ‘killed’ spiritually. Christians who did not join this system were killed literally, but saved their souls. By three-fifty AD pope Julius the first instituted ‘christmas’, a Christianized pagan festival called Saturnalia and they started giving gifts to one another because they had subdued so many who believed they were Christians (Rev.11:10).

These feasts like Christmas, easter, all saints/souls day(Halloween), are all pure witchcraft and lead to spiritual death. Repent, if you still can. Christians do not have any feasts to observe. We do not have man made church building or temples in God’s kingdom. We are the building of God. Religion is the devil’s device to lead one away from a daily walk in true fellowship with the living God through his word. The real church always was, and still is, a walking, talking, fire breathing organic living church of God. People who are called out of the ways of this world into his marvelous light.(Rev.11:3-12; 1Peter 2:5,9-10; Eph.2:19-22; 1Cor.3:16-17; 1Cor.6:19-20).

Around 1500 AD came the so-called reformation. This is signified by Rev.9:1-11. A horde of demons is let loose from the bottomless pit. They darken the righteousness of God. They bring spiritual deception to the world who seeks after religion but not the catholic pagan religion. Many religions come out of the reformation period and many people hope to see death in Jesus Christ but they are not able to find it. Jesus said in Luke 13:24.’Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.’ Hebrew 9:1-10 tells us that in the old testament days there was worldly sanctuary – man made building -, and all the trappings of religious doings in the man – made temple. Verse nine says that these things were only a figure pointing to a new and better way in Jesus. Verse 10 tells us Jesus IS THE REFORMATION. Then there cannot be another reformation improving on the perfect and finished work of Jesus Christ. We have no more temples, no more religious service, no more religious sacrifices, no more carnal ordinances.

The reformation from the days of Martin Luther et al are spiritual deception. Ever since then many have come out of the catholic religion and set up other denominations ( An evil tree cannot bear good fruit- Matt.7:18). This is still happening today, and over the last 500 years (5 Months-Generations). We cannot seek death to self in religion because Jesus does not go to religious services. The Spirit of God is not there (Acts 17:24-25). You see all around you the general progression of all these religions is that they are more and more worldly. They never were God’s system and God has been calling people out to himself all the time. Revelation 18:4. …Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

The religious of the Pharisees, Scribes, and unbelieving Jews were not God’s people (John 8:37-47) nor was it God’s religion (Jn.7:1). Jesus fought against Judaism in those days, so did Paul, and we have Judaism (Masons) all governments and religions today in the antichrist one world system, known as the New World Order, run by the Rothschilds group through the offices of B’nai B’rith International which is an organization of the Jews and has been officially for about 170 years. It was a loose knit organization since about 1500 AD, around the time of the so-called reformation. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it? Masonic lodges all around the world, even in Islam, are all based on Solomon’s Temple in some way. They use deception such as ‘ley-lines’ to tie things in together and those who do not know, also do not understand their secrets which are ‘hidden in plain view’. All these systems are controlled by Satan, whom they call Lucifer because they don’t believe in Satan. This is why we see satanic behavior from religious zealots in all religions around the world, including the desire to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). You can be sure Satan is in Europe, He is in the Vatican, He is in Mecca, He is in the Whitehouse; and so on (Job 1:7; 1Peter 5:8; 2Timothy 2:24-26). Governments, religions, and corporations all worship Satan/a.k.a.Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-21) by one name or another. They all have some sort of symbol or ceremony to connect with one another and by doing so are unifying the world as one into devil worship and Satan’s system.

We who are true Christians only give glory to the living God by our lifestyle of separation unto him. ‘Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

Read the scriptures on my website at and see the verses in “THE 70TH WEEK”. You will see clearly Jesus started preaching at the beginning of the 70TH week, was crucified in the midst of the week thereby putting an end to sacridice and oblations (Dan.9:27). He made a covenant in his blood with “MANY” not all.. There was no preaching from heaven about 50 days(REV.8:1). The Spirit of God came down on Pentecost and Brother Peter was anointed to start preaching.

The two witnesses are all of God’s people from Pentecost till the last one is saved, a spiritual time of 1260 days(Rev.11:3) [three and a half years].

All governments and religions get their power, seat, and authority from Satan (Rev.13:1-2. The seven Heads are the religions, the 10 Horns are the Governments) and they constantly blaspheme the living God with their evil speaking, religious ceremonies and wicked laws they frame against God’s people(Ps.2:2-3; Ps.94:20).

Yes, we are in a time of great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened (Matt.24:21-22).

It is almost over folks. We will be taken up if we are saved, and God’s wrath will fall on the unrighteous. There will be none left behind. All are going somewhere at the same time, the LAST DAY. This heaven and this earth will be finished (Rev.20:11; 21:1).

The seven vials of God’s wrath are also running concurrent with the seals and trumpets. Rev.16:2 tells us the first vial poured out a noisome and grievous sore on all who had the mark of the beast or worshipped his image. In the head is your mind. In the hand are your works. Noisome- Strong’S- 2556 (kakos)- a wicked, evil, perverse, character. Grievous- Strong’s- 4190(poneros) desire to influence others to the same evil (from which we get ‘onerous’- burdensome, causing or requiring trouble.

John 6:66 says many would not walk with Jesus anymore. They were disciples but they could not live the life Jesus expected of them. Either we are in the kingdom of God or we are in the kingdom of Satan. There is no middle ground. Whether one believes it or not, If we are saved, we are turned from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God(Acts 26:19). If we cannot live with Jesus, the word of God, then we are still under the power of Satan. That is clear.

We are well and truly up to the sixth trumpet and seal. We can see from Revelation 9:14-19 and Revelation 16:12-14, a great spiritual battle has been going on for some time and is still going on. The Rothschild controlled British army went into the middle east, even Iraq and Iran an destroyed the spiritual boundary between the east and west when they crossed the Euphrates River during the first world war. They were acquiring oil fields. Eastern religions started coming into the west and became the fastest growing religions in the west as the devil spirits conducted a war for THE third part of men; their souls. Inspite of all the physical carnage and spiritual hunger for some kind of peace in the soul , Those who were not killed by these plagues repented not of their idolatries, murders, sorceries, fornications, or thefts.

Revelation 16:12-14 gives us the result of the evil ways followed by people who did not heed the warnings to repent . Three unclean spirits like frog came out of the mouth of the dragon, Satan, and the Beast, Israel risen up by the BBI through United Nations, and the false prophet, all the preachers starting with Billy Graham who are promoting the state of Israel as God’s chosen people and holy land. Eastern mysticism is in all the religions today.

There is so much oil in the ground that God will use it against the money hungry, greedy filthy, super-rich oil barons on judgement day. Take note of Isaiah 34:1-10. Talking about final judgement. V.8. the controversy of Zion. God has a thing to say, a grievance against the world that is against God and his people. We are Mount Zion if we are born again (Isaiah 51:16). V.9 tells us the streams shall be turned into pitch (crude oil), and the dust into brimstone( all that oil in the Mexican gulf-there is plenty more where that came from); and the land will become burning pitch. Sounds like the lake of fire will be burning oil. V,10. It shall not be quenched night nor day; the smoke thereof shall go up for ever: from generation to generation it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it for ever and ever.’ The greedy control of oil is one of the greatest sins on earth. The first and second world wars were fought for oil and financial gain. 1Timothy 6:10..for the love of money is the root of all evil.

After the second world war, which was the result of the spiritual war being fought in the Rothschild camp to unify and control the world, the United Nations was set up. The prime organization the Rothschilds are using behind the scenes is B’nai B’rith International. They are involved in all leadership discussions at all world levels. They are the controlling NGO of all the world. They are primarily to make sure all Jews are properly looked after where ever they choose to live, the elite Jews off course. They are the organization behind the rise of Israel in 1948. They are the Messengers of the Lord (baal) of the covenant. They used Billy Graham to promote Israel as God’s chosen people during the course of his preaching. He continued the false Rothschild endtime doctrine to deceive all who are in religion today (Now don’t all fight me at once- Go to Revelation 13 and 17 and read carefully). See my paper ‘NATURAL ISRAEL-REVELATION 17’ at . Why does God allow this horrendous deceiving doctrine? 2Thessalonians 2:10-12.’And with all deceivableness and unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved(John6:66). And for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Romans 1:18. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth(they have the word of God) in unrighteousness.

V.32.Who knowing the judgement of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Revelation 17: 8. ‘… the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.’ At the appointed time it will rise out of the bottomless pit. Remember, Satan was in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. His earthly kingdom of Israel (They were brute beasts) was destroyed in 70 AD. No other nation was destroyed at this time. Now look at verse 9. Religions are known as ‘hills’ or ‘mountains’ metaphorically in the bible. See Isaiah 2 for example. Jerusalem is also built on seven hills geographically. Verse 10. & kings. Five were- Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece. One is-Roman(this was written in 95 AD), and the other is yet to come – the antichrist kingdom, UNITED NATIONS of which European union is a part. United Nations will only continue a short time, one generation to be exact (Matt.24:32-34-the generation that saw UN and Israel rise up). And the beast that was(Israel), and is not( Destroyed 70AD), even he is the eighth, and is of the seven.’ Israel is the eighth. It rose out of the bottomless pit. It is of the seven. Their Talmud is called ‘The Babylonian Talmud’ It has twenty volumes and is more important than their twisted Tora. United Nations is composed of every political and religious persuasion on earth. Egyptian to Roman religious beliefs are included in the United Nations Temple of Understanding. Israel is ‘of the seven’ and is the eighth.

The superchurch has been slowly building up since Billy Graham started in May 1949, primarily to promote Israel. And he was the first and longest serving charismatic false prophet that has caused almost everyone to take the mark of the beast( John6:66). They love Israel. They worship Israel. Worship is where one gives one’s heart. They give their heart to Israel. They love to have a TBN Israeli prayer shawl. They love to have the star of MOLOCH, aka the star of David. There is no such thing as the star of David in the bible. That is a hex –agram. A symbol of witchcraft and is cursing the world(Isaiah65:15).
Billy Graham encouraged everyone to work together for the common Good. He believes other religious gods really all represent the same God of the bible. Absolutely false. There is only one God. His name is JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS.The interfaith movement and other similar organizations, and NGO’s have the same endgame in mind. They all want you to register with religion which is run by Judaism, which is the religion of Israel even today. They hate Jesus and really need to repent and be born again. And Judaism is the basis of all Masonic religions over the world. Masons will tell you they are not a religion. But they function as one entirely with a worshipful master in every lodge. They live in lies and deceits, they have blood oaths and deny the blood of Jesus Christ and trample it under foot. That is the religion of Israel today. See Hebrew 10:28-31.

In June 2000 the religious organizations of the world signed a one world religious document called ‘The United Religions Initiative’, the URI Bill. This agreement was ratified by more than 1500 of the worlds religious leaders at the New York 2000 Millennium Summit during September 6-11,2000. This was done at the same table where all the governments signed. All religion is under the United Nations flag. 1Kings 20, Ahab made a covenant with the enemy of God. He was told,V.42 That he must die. These so called Christian religions made a covenant with God’s enemies so now they must die . Come out from among them, saith the Lord… Rev.18:4.

This covenant was also sealed by the blood sacrifice made at the twin towers. Any religion that has blood on its hand is already disqualified. The BBI is also behind all these leadership discussions. The main agreement signed is the I.C.C.P.R. As mentioned before, the blood sacrifice is a satanic copy of Genesis 15.. God has declared the end from the beginning (Isaiah46:9). Satan, a created being, cannot come up with something new. He can only copy what God has already done. At the Cross Jesus fulfilled the covenant that God made with Abram. Jesus was God in the flesh. When the flesh died on the cross, God passed between the flesh and went up. The perfect sacrifice instituting the new heavenly order in Jesus Christ. The new covenant.

The temple of Daniel 11:45 has also been built in 1992 between the seas in the holy mountain. The Rothschild clan built the Israeli Supreme Court with their own money, with their own architects, on their own land, and donated it to the government of Israel. OK?! Well, you should see it. It is a Masonic lodge of the highest order. All the Luciferian symbolism is there to cater for all religions. It is called the Solomon’s Pilars Lodge No.59 Elat. Clearly it is a temple dedicated to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is the antichrist temple of Daniel 11:45. Maybe it can still be found on YouTube at Rothschilds-israel-supreme-court-sabbertainism.

The Rothschilds also donated the Knesset, the Israeli house of parliament. Rockefeller donated the Israeli museum. These building all form part of their Masonic temple by a Masonic ley-line.

The computer version of the mark of the beast is already on the table in the American Legislature; Namely, that everyone should have a microchip or barcode/RFID chip of some kind by surgical implantation in the back of the right hand or in the forehead. Supposedly it will be voted on early next year. Please note the origin of the mark (John6:53-58 – about a true life in Christ Jesus, consumed by the word – Matt.4:4; John 1:14, and suffering for his name’s sake – Matt.26:42; Matt.16:25; John 15:13-14; Rev.2:10). We come to John 6:60. Many therefore OF HIS DISCIPLES, when they heard this, said, This is a hard saying; who can hear it?

John 6:66. From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him (the Word, huh ?)
Luke 9:62. And Jesus said unto him, No Man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

If one is not truly living in the word of God regardless of the cost, how can he stand when they tell him to take the chip or be totally isolated from everything (probably in a FEMA camp somewhere around the world. Most people will put their hand out to continue living in this life, and thereby give up their soul to Satan.

G.W.Bush was the last legal president of America. That is a Fact. B.H.Obama is the first president of the world, signified by him being given the chairmanship of the UN Security Council. He is using the Office of the President of America as the base of his operations as appointed by his masters. He is a world dictator and it is going to become more and more obvious during his next term.

The thousand year reign of Christ started when he bound Satan approximately 2000 years ago. The ‘thousand years’ is a spiritual time, not a literal time. It is pointing to the ordinal completion of the things of God as determined in the beginning. Isaiah 14:24-27 says that God has stretched forth his hand and it will dot be withdrawn till all is complete and the Assyrian is completely destroyed. That will happen soon. We see the same theme in Micah chapter 5 where it is clear that Jesus is the one destroying the Assyrian and all his plans through God’s own people, namely all of us who are born again and continue with understanding through prayer and preaching during this great spiritual battle

When Jesus bound Satan, he set the captives free, he opened the prisonhouse, and brought a great deliverance(Isaiah 58:6,7.) Satan cannot stop the salvation message going to all who are called. Satan cannot kill God’s people before they become saved. Think about it. Satan cannot cause God’s chosen to be aborted before they are saved. Isn’t it? We are predestined to hear the salvation message before the foundation of the world. Then God’s chosen are going to live long enough to hear the call and repent and be saved. Look at Moses. Pharaoh couldn’t get Moses. Herod couldn’t get Jesus. Down through the ages God has predestined a people for himself.

When we are saved we become kings and priests by the blood of the Lamb and rule and reign with him from then on (Rev.1:5-6 : Rev.5:9-10).

Acts 17:31. Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.
May the Living God give you all spiritual understanding in all things. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Every scripture in the bible links together with every other scripture in the bible when understood spiritually . It is good to read and understand 1 Corinthians 2:9-15.

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